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Prisoner Transports/Court Security


          We have six State Deputy Sheriffs who are employed by the State of Vermont and take their authority and directions from the Chittenden County Sheriff, Kevin M. McLaughlin.  The State Deputies are somewhat unique positions in County law enforcement, in that they receive their pay and benefits from the State of Vermont, but hold their commissions and are supervised by the Sheriff in the county to which they are assigned.  The State Deputies have a primary role in transporting prisoners and serving as supervisors within the Sheriff’s Department.

          The State Deputy Sheriffs serve as Field Training Officers; Firearms Instructors; TASER Instructors; and perform a variety of duties as directed by the Sheriff.  All fugitive from justice investigations and arrests are handled by the State Deputy Sheriffs, including the receipt and execution of Governor’s Warrants from other states.  The Sheriff and his State Deputies handle the majority of out-of-state prisoner retrievals, known as extraditions, with assistance from other Deputy Sheriffs within the Sheriff’s Office.

          The Chittenden County Sheriff’s Office moves approximately 3,000 prisoners per year from Regional Correctional Facilities to and from court houses around the state. We move prisoners for motion hearings, status conferences; bail reviews; trials and sentencing hearings.  In addition, by state statute, we move anyone who is ordered to undergo emergency psychiatric evaluation at the Vermont State Hospital, or other facility designated by the Commissioner of Mental Health on an emergency basis.  We also transport people from the court to the State Hospital when a judge orders a forensic evaluation for competency and sanity.

Most of our transports are without incident. Our department generally transports persons in criminal custody (bail or mittimus) to and from the courts in restraints. We have had to make adjustments for legitimate medical reasons or physical reasons, order of the judge or sheriff.         

          The Costello Court House in Burlington, Vermont is the place where we bring the majority of our prisoners for court proceedings.  Court House security is handled there by 14 Court Security Officers employed by the State of Vermont and trained specifically for that role.  Chittenden County Sheriff’s Deputies work closely with Court Security staff to ensure a safe working environment. On occasion, our Deputies are requested to provide assistance to Court Security personnel in making an arrest or removing an unruly subject from a court room.  Our Deputies make approximately 30 arrests per year in the Court House, from executing arrest warrants, to disorderly conduct, unlawful mischief and obstruction of justice charges.

          If you have any questions about the location of a friend or relative within the Vermont Department of Corrections, please visit the Offender Locator at: (OFFENDER LOCATOR) and type in their full name and date of birth, if known.